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27 July 2012 @ 08:15 pm
hi there.

im no longer the little Hey Say JUMP fan i was before.
to be honest.  i dont really watch anything to do with them anymore >_>

but i've grown my attention EXO.

im terribly obsessed ;~;

but hello, it's been yaers. LOL heres me now... if anyone cares.



maybe i should post more often? >_>
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11 May 2011 @ 07:51 pm
why am i so lazy to post on here ;A;

-goes in depressed corner-
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17 February 2011 @ 12:07 am
herro guys. It's been a while.

I recently got a haircutz ;D I curl it more often cuz it looks pretty boring straight ahah.

Anyway. Right now.


and theres school tomorrow, shatcakes.

well thats all. I just thought id post >_>
wish me the best ;A;

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28 December 2010 @ 07:50 pm
My Head really hurts ._.

But I'm reallly liking these Holiday Mint Meltaway *A*

soooooo good.
Well now I have to go to a party ~fuuuu~
then Kateo-san is gonna stay over :D

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09 November 2010 @ 10:52 pm
School. Has been so boring -cries-
Not that the work and the tests are bothering me.
It's just that.. It's so boring D:

I don't really get to see my friends so much since they have totally different classes XD

it sucks, yo.

Then Tomorrow is Cardio day D:
I'm so not in the mood to run a mile.

So it's been getting really cold now-a-days.
To be honest, I prefer the cold than the heat because I really hate sweating and getting tan ;-;

I haven't done anything johnny-related in a while.. I think I shall go do that now.

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This is my first Fan-Report and I'm proud to say that Bakanishi is the First Johnny I've ever seen live.

Sooo I had dance Practice before this and I got home from it at like 6 haha, so I had to hurry to get ready and wait for my friend to pick me up.
I was really tired from dance but I managed to keep some energy for Jin ^_^
I live really close by Rosemont Theatre so it only took 15 minutes to get there. So we arrived at like, 6:30?
When we first arrived, I was so excited that I ran into the place without them scanning my ticket.. LOL they didn't notice.. But I went back to scan my ticket cause well, it's the right thing to do. My friend Kate who went with me kept yelling at me at how embarrasing and stupid I was ROFL.
The look of Rosemont Theatre was really nostalgic since I haven't been there since i was 10 XD
The funny thing is the first thing I noticed was the number of Japanese people there. I didn't know so many were in  "Chicago" (seriously Rosemont Theatre isn't in chicago.. >_>) because I didn't really see many around. The Majority is actually Koreans haha.
So I was happy I wasn't the only tiny short asian girl.

Then This caught my Attention;

We walked over to the merch tables. Then left. We didn't want to buy anything at the time because there were so many people lining up and everything was going to be sold out. Especially the Photos and posters that the girls were screaming about.
As we went to go to our seats to check out the venue, we helped these cute Japanese guys find their seats because They couldn't speak English. x3 Then we explained to the lady how famous Jin was and why there were so many people there because she looked so surprised at the turn out.

Our seats weren't bad at all~ We were able to see the stage even though the tall people were in front of me ;-; (I'm only 5'0" T_T)
But it was cool because I got to move as soon as the concert started because there were many empty seats.

The opening of the show was..interesting. My friend Kate kept joking about how Ghetto the MCs were LOL.

Then the opening act dude.. okay the dancing girls were just hilarious because they were so out of sync and had weird high kicks and really fun to laugh at. That's all I can say about his performance.

Then they introduced Joey. I didn't know he was actually going to be there :3 I screamed so loud for him! I was like "JOEYYY" i was surprised noone else did XD

I love the chants they made us say for Jin XD and how the girls were screaming each time Jin made a sexy pose during the Opening Video.

Then Jin came and I was screaming like an Idiot screaming "JINNNNNNNNNNNN~ WOOOOOOT."

Then the concert began.
-insert amazing Jin stuff here-
Haha to be honest,  I don't really remember the Set List, So I'll just list the things I liked.
But I really liked the song Fifth Season, that's my favorite new jin song.
Then the Demonic-oriental styled dance part was reallly coool o__o It was like watching a magic show.
The World Dance part was actually another favorite of mine because I love Hip-Hop and Pop dance ^_^  The dancers were really good.
LOVEJUICEE! Was probably the only song I knew all the words to LOL. I called my friend during the song cuz she really liked this song and I put the phone on speaker for her to hear. She was happy~ 
It was nice when they showed girls in the front during the song "Hey Girl" haha.
Then I enjoyed Yellow Gold and Tispy love too~ Those were entertaining
Then the finale... I really didnt want him to leave D: i was like NOOO JIN COME BACKK! I wish he had an encore ! but the concert overall was good.

what sucked was that I lost my 20 bucks ... -_- right when I was running up to the merch tables after the concert.
I was really. sad. i almost cried D: i couldn't get anything but the memories will stay with me.

So kate managed to take pictures with her Ninja skills. It was really funny because the security Guard was right behind us and we were taking pictures and he didn't say anything. Epic Win.
The photos kinda suck cuz well we weren't allowed to have flash ;-; but its good enough.
**Right Click--->View Image
To see larger versions~

Sooo pictures. feel free to take but prz credit!


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02 October 2010 @ 08:42 pm
"It's been a while! AFHASDIHSAOdsad;"


yes, I have an ameblo blog. -wannabe- rofl jk.
I will update on there instead xD
So it's been a while since i posted, huh. Just thought I would come back here to find some JE news and such.
And I saw LiveJournal being used in 'The Social Network'. I thought that was pretty funny x3

It was not a bad movie though~

jaa. go visit the blog. NAO.

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10 April 2010 @ 07:34 pm
 uhm, i hope i'm doing this right..

Hello everyone, Faye here ;DD!
I like blogging randomly. I used to use BlogSpot and stuff, but now its time I moved to LJ.
(This time, I'll try to post everyday~)
I won't make an introduction, but you'll learn along the way, i guess.
all I'll say now is that,
I'm a dreamer, a singer, and a believer.

So, anyways, enough of that.
It's just another boring saturday. I'm so happy there wasn't any school though. -smile-

I never liked anything about school, really.
mainly the people inside of it.
It's something i never grew to respect >.<

But now, I'm drinking fruit juice, it's good stuff :D!
and also talking to some close friends and listening to music.(I'm big on JPOP, haha)
well, i don't know what else to include, so this will be it ^_^
I will go and watch High School Musical 3 now LOL. wahaha, bye~

~Photo of the Day~

This is a picture I took when I went to ”ら” (RA) a Japanese restaurant in Glenview.
I went with my mom and sister and the food was really good, plus the place was really pretty :D
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